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Main Menu

In the menu

Menu items will depend on your role in the system. Menu items are grouped by:

1. Click Dashboard to view the budget summary by Schools or Fundsource.

2. Click Project management to view:

  • Project List.
  • Add New Project.
  • Edit Project.
  • Project Dashboard.
  • Click the “edit icon” for Log Entry and Report Entry to show on the Main Menu.As mentioned above this depends on the role set in the system.

3. Click Log Entry to view:

  • RFI
  • Submittal
  • ASI
  • CCD
  • RFP
  • PCO

4. Click Report Entry to view:.

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Payment Applications
  • Daily Reports
  • Site Visit Reports
  • Status Reports

5. Click Management to create the following:.

  • Fundsource
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Schools
  • Trades
  • Weather Types
  • Ground Conditions
  • Equipments
  • Meeting Minutes Types

6. Click Administration to access admin control:

  • Settings: Add name and logo of School District.
  • Roles: Add new roles and set what modules each role has access to
  • Users: Update/edit username and roles

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